DO12 - Program Error Encountered

On DO12 Beta 7 and Beta 8, I've been getting Program Error Encountered error dialogs... Wasn't happening on any of the earlier betas.

Please zip and email the crash dumps to and I will take a look.

(Assuming you're not using a beta version of Windows.)

I've been seeing this same thing for both 12.0.8 Beta and 11.19 for the past couple of Windows 10 Insider Preview releases. I'm currently on W10 IP release 14370.rs1 on both my laptop (with DO 11.19) and my desktop (with DO 12.0.8). I noticed that in an earlier post ([url]Directory Opus Crash]) you indicated this would be fixed in 12.0.8. Apparently not since I'm still seeing it. This could be related to something on Windows side of the fence as well. I've posted on their IP Feedback about this, though MS never responds to any feedback AFIK.

It is an annoying problem, but nothing that causes any major issues. I just click the OK and everything continues on until the next time the popup occurs.

See Error in Windows 10 Build 14376 for a bypass.

Regards, AB