DO12 - Theme - invalid themename

Up front!
Apologies if the below isn't working or if I am doing the wrong thing.

I was looking for a way to get Opus in a light blue theme, or a theme like in

I downloaded Office 2003 Blue.dlt (from themes, saved that into the \Directory Opus\Themes folder
then I tried Settings->Lister Themes but got an error 'invalid filename'.

99,9% sure I am on the wrong track.

Either what I am doing is wrong, or what I am asking is impossible?

I was hoping that for Opus 12 there would another color that all this all white window panel at the top




I assume you mean the Office 2003 Blue thread in the Themes area.

(The link in your post goes to Set File & Folder Colors/Labels via Context Menu in the Buttons & Toolbars area, which I don't think involves themes, unless it's in some replies I've forgotten about.)

The Office 2003 Blue thread has two versions of the theme, one re-saved for Opus 10 and above. Make sure you use that version and not the other.

To import themes, go to Settings > Lister Themes and then use File > Import Theme.

Opus themes will not affect your window titlebars, in Opus or any other program. Those are drawn by Windows itself. On Windows 10 you can configure the color of the active window titlebar. Changing the inactive titlebar color may require a third party tool such as Stardock's WindowBlinds.

Ah, right... (sorry, I took the .zip file)

Thanks for the tip with regards to WindowBlinds
Wanted to add a few examples, for ready reference and maybe for others, who might be interested
how it would look like, however, the screenshots were a bit big and with 200dp_ added to the filename
they were a bit too small.

Maybe one day it will be possible to add screenshots as thumbnails and they will expand to full when
they are being clicked on.