DO12 - Viewer crash when marking non picture

If you try to mark non picture files, viewer crash.

No crash here when marking a .txt file.

Which type of file are you seeing it with?

When you tag a file, it generates a thumbnail of that file. Do you also get a crash when showing the file in a thumbnails mode lister?

I test with pdf, doc, xls files.
And you are right, if files can generate thumbnails, no crash, others crash.
Also if I disable option "Show thumbnails in Marked Picture pane", no crash.

Do the same files crash when showing their thumbnails in a lister?

No, standards (big icons) thumbnails are display in Lister.

Thanks. Were crash dumps produced when it happens? I'd like to take a look to see if it's crashing in our code or in something external.

Here the dumps file... (47.8 KB)

Many thanks. This has been fixed for the next update.

The fix is now ready in 12.0.4 (beta).