[DO13] Trouble accessing NAS folders at startup

I have many tabs opened with my NAS folders, and so far I haven't had any issues with accessing them. Suddenly, after upgrade to DO13 the tool cannot access them when started up. I only see the error message:


Of course the folders are there, and the NAS access credentials have not changed :slight_smile:

I need to refresh all tabs in order to have the files displayed. No issues happen when I re
fresh / hit 'retry', and the folder contents is being displayed swiftly. NAS is always on, it has no stand-by mode enabled, thus I believe there should be no issues with accessing its resources. Seems it was DO13 that is to blame...

Anyone can suggest what I should check / do in order to resolve this?

The NAS is QNAP TS-451+ with the latest FW (
The OS is Windows 11 23H2 (22631.3085)
The DO is 13.1 build 8788

Try today's new version:

Directory Opus 13.2

Thank you but the new version didn't resolve the issue :frowning:
It seems less tabs now open with the error dialog upon a 'cold start' but it may be just a coincidence.

The error ultimately comes from the operating system.

That drive (or the network connection to it) must not be ready until a little while after Windows boots and starts launching applications.

Tanks Leo, I was considering that. But what about the facts: I) this didn't happen with DO12 and II) I actually wait quite a while before launching DO and in MNy cases I already have the connection via Explorer or web interface before I ru. DO?

Are you opening a lot of windows / tabs at once?

There is on our list to investigate related to opening lots of windows/tabs (where the order of them on the taskbar reportedly isn't consistent on some machines for some reason), so maybe it relates to that.

It's possible the details of how that happens have changed and that's triggering a problem with the NAS that you wouldn't see otherwise. (E.g. Maybe it only allows a couple of things to list directories in parallel and starts failing other listing requests until they finish.)

Looking at what happens in Process Monitor might also reveal something.

Depends what "a lot" means in DO context :wink: I typically have 11 tabs opened with network folders and 8 with local folders, as these are the folders I use the most often.

As said this has become an issue only after upgrading to v.13, v.12 worked perfectly - I never had any issues with reading the tabs or with their order.

I have the QNAP TS-569 Pro and haven't experienced this issue with it; however, where I have seen it is for a USB drive I have attached to my router, for which I just had to wait for a few seconds until it became available.

@mikolajek, I'm running the same Windows version as you and am also on DOpus 13.2. Could it be that the issue may be related to the timeout setting per this post?

Huh, that's a good one! After update to 13.2 my error messages actually changed to the one related to timeout, and not to supposed folder inaccessibility.

Need to admit 13.2 works better and I see less errors (typically 3-4 tabs fail to load, previously there were all but the currently visible one).

I did increase the long_operation_notify_time setting to 8000, but it doesn't seem to help. But I understand @Leo mentioned it was not yet to the times folders are being accessed, and it would only come in the next version.