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DOpus 12 hang randomly while opening the onedrive folder


Well the title tell it all.

"DOpus 12 hang randomly while opening the onedrive folder"

i use the beta 12.7.1.

when i open my onedrive folder (who is not on my system disk), sometimes, the opening of the folder freeze directory opus, it goes completly blank (with a bit of transparancy) and freeze, and it show the list of my onedrive folder, after a while maybe 20 to 30 seconds.

doing the same in windows explorer make no issue at all.

any idea ? Thanks !


Hmm it's weird, currently I'm too on DOpus 12.7.1 and also moved my OneDrive to D:\OneDrive and didn't have such issues though, do you by any chance install any program that add context menu? Probably some of them can be the cause.


It's pretty random, right now and since this morning no issues at all.
trying to replicate the issue. or maybe there is a log somwhere which could show what's happened ?

the hang doesn't happen when i right click on a file or folder, just when i click on the E:/Onedrive Folder, or by clicking on the link button i put in DOpus for it.

so just by opening the folder. but yes, i have some stuff in the context menu of windows, like "edit with notepad++, Winrar, AIMP, and some other stuff.


Have you tried this FAQ?


Yes i just read it one hour ago, didn't had time yet to try. i just hope i'll not have to remove forever this, because i need it to create links (i use this feature a lot) for dropbox, and onedrive. i noticed that this morning everything was fine, and in the afternoon, i got the hang again (opus doesn't crash, it just freeze during 10 or 20 secondes, and then act normally again).

so i will try thiis and see if it work better. what i remember is this morning, my Nas (synology 414j) was not present in any tab of Dopus, but when it's happened, it was the case.

there was something else too but i forgot what it was doing at this moment. so first i will try the faq , and see how it's going ! thanks !


Ok, issue happened again (didn't removed any thing in the shell, so i can disable the shell extension only in DO and not in windows explorer.
but i didn't got a high cpu usage, only a hard disc "freeze". in the task manager, i get a
"E:/Onedrive" does not respond. and after 30 secondes to one minute, the folder open and work normally in Dopus..


Try the guide. That's what it is there for! :slight_smile:

If you generate some dumps of the freeze using Task Manager (the bottom of the guide), we might be able to use those to see what's going wrong.


Hi again leo ! last message of the day ! (1:31am here).
i confirm that removing All the extensions shell using the windows integration option in DOpus seems to have solved the issue and as well speed up A LOT Dopus lol !

What's Next ? ok, some dumps during the freeze, ok i will watch the guide to generate a dump when it freeze !

and great about the feature to turn everything off in Dopus only (and not windows explorer), and with Shift having the possibility to have all the options back, amazing ! (i know i use maybe 0.1% of Dopus capability :frowning: ...) Love your software since day one even for the small possibilities i use it for !

see you tomorrow for the dump ! :slight_smile:


Just some news, (sorry didn't followed the whole faq, i have healt problem, and playing the "computer freak" is something that i hate a lot.
what i can tell, tonight the freeze came back, despite the fact that i removed in the context menu everything (i turned it off in the Dopus preferences / windows integration).
so it's not somethig related to it. so i'll put the menu back.
i counted, and it took 1mn and 40 secondes to make the folder appears :smiley: (yes using some yoda trick during this time :smiley: ).

so best i'm afraid is to follow your advice and generate a Dump because i'm a bit ouf of idea. there is no issue at all in windows explorer.

i'll try this as soon as i can, i need to learn how to make the dump .


Hi again, i generated 10 dump (5 for each freeze) which happened today twice.
i'll send them to the adress at the end of the FAQ page after testing the "viewer plugin" test told in the faq (the context menu test failed...).
if it's not fixing this, i'll put them on onedrive (lol) and will send them to you, ahahah :D. thanks for the help anyway ;).