Dopus 12 negatively affecting video response, lightroom, and popup windows

Hi I just upgraded to dopus 12. for some reason, the various popup windows in Adobe Lightroom 6, Excel 2016 and other programs started showing up as blank outlines. Very slowly (leave computer, walk downstairs, return to computer) the text and buttons would fill in so that i knew which button to click. The mouse became difficult to control. Check boxes for lightroom keywords would not show the click box. i uninstalled dopus and the problem is gone. i believe this problem is specific to dopus 12, because i previously installed dopus 11 on the new computer and i dont think these problems occurred. i really want dopus 12 so how do i fix this problem? a perhaps unrelated problem is that when i used the new rename, i couldnt make my old regedits work. but that might be me not knowing the right button to press. they showed up as a line of text and the same line of text repeated in the new box.

background. recent new computer one month ago. multiple 4tb hard drives, mix of ordinary 4tb and smaller ssd. new windows 10. nvidia graphics card, 64 bit system. when i upgraded to dopus 12, something odd happened and i was never sent to the pay screen so i believe what i uninstalled was the trial version.

Are your NVidia drivers up to date?

Hi Leo, version 384 64 bit. my husband (who built my computer) says the driver is up to date

If you open Task Manager (and click More Details if it opens in simple mode), then make the problem happen: While the problem occurs, is Opus or any other process using a large amount of CPU, Memory or Disk?

Hi Leo, right now, I just uninstalled dopus completely and will reinstall dopus 11 soon. but yes i looked at the task manager while this was going on and the memory seemed a little high at about 29% for all processes. it wasnt even easy always to see the task manager because ALL popup windows were affected, including task manager so it would take a long time before it finally showed anything except an empty square on the screen. i have a large, year old lg monitor if that makes any difference.

If you can see which process or processes are using a lot of resources during the problem, or even better generate a dump file (Manually Generated Dumps section) for some of the affected processes, we might be able to shed some light on where the issue is coming from and confirm whether it is Opus or something else.

Opus does not have any real interaction with tools like Lightroom or the way other programs paint their windows, and we have not had any similar reports like this, so it seems very odd. It can't be just the combination of Opus and Lightroom, as we would have a lot of reports for such a major issue.

One thing worth trying is to set Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: no_external_change_notify to True and see if that makes a difference. If it does, something may be flooding the Windows change notification queue with an enormous number of events, which could cause Opus to use a lot of resources (in addition to the resources used by whatever is causing the flood). If that reduces or prevents the problem, there are some other things we can suggest to track down the cause of it, but they're only worth detailing if they turn out to be relevant.

Leo i will try what you suggested if the problem continues. in the meantime, can you do whatever is needed to mark that i do not have dopus 12 either trial version or regular version? i am going to reinstall dopus 11, and wait for a while - get new memory, keyboard, mouse, etc and then try to reinstall dopus 12. but i probably would like to try it out, and dont want to use up my trial period when im not actually using it. thanks, Rachel

You shouldn't need to worry about trial periods, since you own Opus 12 already and that won't change if you revert to 11 for a while. You can go back to Opus 11 now, and then later go back to Opus 12, both using your existing licence/certificate.

(If you upgraded from 11 to 12, the new 12 certificate replaces the old 11 one, and will work with either version. You can use your Opus 12 certificate with Opus 11 and the program will accept it. If you later go back to version 12, the same certificate will work with that as well. As long as you don't go above the number of licenced machines, you can use the version you bought or any previous version.)

Your account here will say "Opus 12 Pro" so it's worth mentioning you're using Opus 11 when posting, so we don't suggest things that only work in 12. (We'll try to remember as well!)

Leo, i am a bit confused. to the best of my knowledge i have not paid for dopus 12. so i dont think i own it.

The forum thinks you have purchased Opus 12, at least. If you go to Account Linking and click "Load Details" it will show the version number, last few digits of the registration code and date of the last purchase/upgrade.