DOpus crashes / odd behavior trying to move a folder between drives

I have two hard drives, Temp and Storage

Since upgrading to 12.14 I am getting odd behavior when trying to move folders by right-clicking and dragging to move the folder from Temp to Storage:

  1. Sometimes I can not select the folder at all. The mouse simply seems to ignore the right-click (to select Move)

  2. Sometimes it takes 4-5 attempts to move the folder after (1) above occurs.

  3. Sometimes I am getting app crashes/hangs when trying to move a folder and have to force-quit DOpus.

  4. Sometimes it works as expected.

The behavior seems to be limited to DOpus. The folders/files are not open in any other application. Moving the folder using Explorer works as expected. There is no error message (like, the file is in use, etc.), just a spinning wheel and DOpus greyed out.

This seems to have cropped up after I did the last update to 12.14 build 7045.

When the app crashes and I force-quit, is there a dump log I can send you that can be used to diagnose the issue (and where to email it)?

This is really annoying as I move dozens of folders a day in this manner.


For crash dumps:

My guess is the issue will be due to a shell extension that adds itself to that menu, or possibly antivirus (if you get the same problems when copying via the toolbar instead of drag & drop). The dumps should help see if that guess is true.

It may also be worth trying 12.14.1 beta.

So how do I send you a dump?

Instructions are in the page linked above.