"dopus_fileinfo" error on every startup of Directory Opus

Starting two days ago, every time I open Directory Opus (regardless of what folder or file is open when it starts up), I get the following error:

*Directory Opus has encountered a program error. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus_fileinfo' at address 0x00007FF6B6365ED3.

The thread that encountered the error may be non-critical and it is possible that it can be safely terminated allowing Directory Opus to continue running.

However, the behavior of Directory Opus after terminating this thread cannot be guaranteed. Would you like to try to terminate this thread?"


I go ahead and choose 'Yes', and another prompt comes up:

Thread successfully terminated.
The thread that encountered the error (dopus_fileinfo) has been successfully terminated.

From this point on the behavior of Directory Opus can not be guaranteed. We recommend that you finish your current tasks as quickly as possible and then quit and restart Directory Opus."


I restart DOpus as requested, but the error appears every single time without fail. Rebooting the machine, no change. Once I dismiss the error it stays away, but as soon as I close my current DOpus window, it comes back again.

I haven't installed any programs, plugins or updates in the last week--certainly not within the timeframe that would help me narrow down something that is causing this issue with Directory Opus specifically.

The only answers that I found related to this "fileinfo" thread date back to 2013, and I attempted to see what extensions are running using the recommended Shell Extension Viewer (shexview.exe) and nothing looked different from how I had configured my system previously (I run very few extensions so it would've been easy to find something that was unexpected).

Any help would be appreciated. If there's any way for me to send crash logs via PM, I'll be happy to do that too.


Please do. Instructions are here, and PMs are enabled:

Thanks Leo.

The PM system wouldn't let me attach the dump files (not a valid file type) but I did follow the instructions to send them to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au instead.


(I'll post here with the resolution in case someone comes across this problem at a later date so they don't have to go through this themselves).

Many thanks. We've made a change for the next update (12.14.1 beta) which should fix this.

Once the new version is out, please give it a try and let us know.

In the meantime, if you have any script add-ins installed, please see if the problem remains after disabling them. If you find one that triggers the problem, please let us know which it is.

Thanks Leo, that is great news!

I did just check and I have no script add-ins installed with Opus (never have in the past) so I will definitely try it out after the next update. I'll report back on my results.

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Reporting back on my results using the latest beta:

The problem is now resolved as far as I can see. I was able to replicate it consistently by going back to the root view (My Computer, Named user doc folder, Control Panel, etc. view) but now after I installed the latest beta update the problem cannot be replicated any further.

I'll keep testing it out in the coming days, but for now thank you! I appreciate the quick turnaround and help in getting things resolved :slight_smile:

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