DOpus is locking files

Quit annoying thing, every time I go in a folder, maybe viewed something, shouldn't matter at all, go delete that folder, and it's locked, and a little tool I use because of this (lockhunter) it's said every time DOpus is locking, what is this madness? same goes for moving files/folders, I get access denied popups
while with windows explorer BOTH problems aren't there...

It's often not Opus itself but a shell extension or something involved in getting icons/thumbnails (e.g. video codecs/splitters).

If you make a log using Process Monitor that can often reveal which DLL is really creating the lock.

It is DOpus.exe, how come i use 2 several tools that are saying its dopus.exe and when i use those tools to unlock dopus.exe it can delete after that, i never had this kinda issue before DOpus

On a typical system, a multitude of third party DLLs get loaded into dopus.exe and can also lock files or do literally anything they want to within the process.

Please make a log and we can use that to see if it's Opus or something else locking the files.

It's possible it really is Opus, but we'd still need the log to see which part of Opus is doing it, so we need the log in either case.

When sending the log, please tell us which files/folders were left locked so we know what to look for.

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I already used several tools as i am not new to software, i used several proces managers, not gonna send any logs as i can see myself and the logs are private, if one says dopus.exe is the problem then its dopus.exe, if the program is closed with whatever i opened a file like 3d max, then its stil locked by dopus.exe, explorer sees that close the program i can delete, sinds Dopus al i have is file is locked...

The process does not tell you which component is locking the files, nor why they are being locked.

The logs will tell us that.

Up to you if you want to send them and get a solution. Nothing will happen if you don't, as we don't have enough information to do anything.