DOPUS issue: Lenovo X1 Carbon gen 10 / Win64 Pro

I just replaced my laptop with the latest Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 10, running Windows 64 Professional. It has a 1 TB flash drive partitioned into a C: and D: drives.

I installed DOpus and it is not working well. Every time I bring it up or try to look at files, the windows timeout circle grinds away for several minutes. it takes a ridiculous amount of time before it comes back. Is there any solution for this? Is this an indexing problem? Is there a setting that will help?


It is most likely an issue with either something pointing to a network server that does not exist (30 second timeout which can block other things) or with a third-party component like a shell extension (e.g. Dropbox or another cloud sync tool) or antivirus. This guide has suggestions on tracking it down:

If you wish, you can also send us process snapshots made while the problem is happening, which can often reveal the cause with issues like this: