Dopus latest version beta 12.8.1 doesn't work well with OneDrive Files OnDemand features

I have a Windows 10 insider preview with support for OneDrive OnDemand Files support.
Dopus crashes often when I try to move a folder containing a lot of files witch are not physically present on my drive.
In another hand, Windows explorer sucks in terms of GUI but at least works perfectly well as he download first the files to copy then in my local target folder.

Hope you will fix this in near future.

Does the crash only happen with the Insider Preview? If OneDrive is crashing when used by other programs, in a beta version of OneDrive/Windows, then it's Microsoft you need to report that to rather than us. That's the purpose of beta-testing Windows.

If any crash dumps were generated, you can send them to us and we can confirm whether the crash is in Opus or OneDrive/Windows.

this is not OneDrive which crash; Dopus does; I'll send you a capture as soon as it will happened again.
I'll come back....

The Opus process may crash inside the OneDrive DLL, in which case it would still be a bug in OneDrive.

The crash dumps will usually reveal if that's happening or something else.