Dopus Locking Files so I can't move them

New User getting really frustrated. I'm using Dopus to help manage/rename files for my media server. In the attached example, I'm trying to move all S01 files to the Season 1 folder. But I receive an error that the file is being used by another process.

So I open up resource monitor and do a search for the file and the only thing locking the file is dopus.exe. I then close Directory Opus, and refresh Resource Monitor but it still shows the file locked by Directory Opus.

I kill the process in Resource Manager, restart Directory Opus, and now I can copy the file.

The problem seems to happen randomly when I'm copying multiple files. And it seems to lock a random file from the selected files. (In the example it locked the first file.) I've check the file log in the application, and no errors or information about the locked file. In the example I'm copying from an external USB drive to the external USB for later transfer to my media server.

In general, I love the program, but having to kill it in resource manager every time this happens (and it happens a lot) makes the program almost unusable. If there is something I'm doing wrong or missing in the help or forums, please let me know.

It probably isn't Opus that's locking them. That sort of problem with video files usually happens when a video codec or splitter DLL fails to close the file, or crashes when asked for information or thumbnails from files.

If you've installed any 3rd party codecs or codec packs, try updating or uninstalling them to see if that makes a difference.

(I'm assuming the files are not open in the viewer pane, which would lock them, but only while they're being viewed.)

Also, Opus continues running in the background by default when you close its window. Use File > Exit Directory Opus if you need to close it down. Killing the process instead can corrupt your config files if you're unlucky, and is not usually necessary. (You can also configure Opus to shut down when the last window is closed, if you wish.)

Thank you for the explanation. This machine is a relatively new build made specifically for Video editing and processing video. The only codecs installed are those that may have been installed by DaVinci Resolve 16, Magix Video Pro X, Handbrake, or VLC. I have not installed any other codecs. However, what confuses me is that Windows Explorer handles the exact same copy without issue. The file only gets locked when I use Opus. What is Opus doing differently from Explorer? If it is something unique to your application, is it something that can be turned off or configured?

The screenshot below shows a list of codecs installed. Let me know if you see any that are problematic.

Depending on columns, thumbnails, etc., Opus may be requesting information that Explorer isn't. Or Explorer might be using a separate process which it closes afterwards and might hide the leak by the underlying codec/splitter.

You could try making a Process Monitor log if you want to get to the bottom of things. That will show not just which process is opening and closing the files, but which DLLs are involved in doing it.

(If you do that, tell us which file couldn't be deleted in the log, so we know what to filter on.)