DOpus.pathlabels scripting API missing?

I'm looking to completely rewrite my DOChecker script button to (have a much cleaner code and) use the Opus' scripting APIs for reading the Favorites, Folder Aliases, Path Labels, Tab Groups and Path Formats (current version reads the XML configs directly).

It seems there is no way to get the Path Labels (file or folder color assignments) via the Scripting API, or maybe I missed something in the docs? There's only GlobalFilters (DOpus.filters) but it seems that's not it? (and it's not iterable, DOpus.Output says it's 0)

You can ask for the label(s) that match a given file but I don't think there's a way to get a list of all the paths labels apply to (outside of reading the config file).

Oh well, I guess I'll have to use the legacy code for that part. I'll replace it if in the future API for it appears. Thanks!

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