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Directory Opus config paths checker (DOChecker)



This Directory Opus script-button checks your Opus config for invalid paths in: Favorites, Folder Aliases, Path Labels, Tab Groups, and Path Formats and presents the results in its GUI.

You can use the "Open Prefs page" button to open the Opus Preferences page for the currently viewed category.

After installation, click the new "DOChecker" button on your Opus toolbar, or if you don't want to install it, simply double-click the downloaded DOChecker.dcf file and Opus will execute it.

DOChecker.dcf (40.8 KB)
(v0.91, 2018-08-27)

Installation (optional):

Map network drive - using vbscript and dialog resourse

Nice idea, but when I tried the button, I got the following error:

Error at line 346, position 4
Object required (0x800a01a8)




Thanks for the report! I've found the similar (but on the other line) issue where it crashes if the Favorites entry had a blank "Name" property. The updated version 0.91 was uploaded, I hope this will fix your issue too.


Nice script! Found some old stuff in my own config. :slight_smile:


Works fine, now. Terrific and useful script. Well Done :grinning:


Nice one, thanks.
Also pretty good example of a complete script in a button.


Great script, thanks @bytespiller :+1: