Dopus reset to root folders after ejecting a CD

(Edit 2008: This issue should be fixed now. Just happened to be passing through the thread. --Nudel)


Well, that's it! Having a dual dopus lister when I eject a cd from my IOMEGA CD/DVD drive both listers browse to its root folder automatically.

I guess that's the normal way if lister was formerly browsing the cd/dvd contents, but not when it's listing anything else.

So I guess you're saying that it happens even when the lister is NOT positioned somewhere on the CD/DVD before it is ejected? So even if your lister is browsing 'My Documents' you eject a disc and the lister switches to the optical drive root? Does the same happen in Explorer?

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this: ... t=ejecting

Hi both!

Let me clarify this with some tests I've just run:

Dopus browses to "c:" if optical drive is ejected and you were formerly on ,say, "c:\my docs", or to whatever your root is depending on the drive letter, but not to the optical drive root.

Windows Explorer does not behave in this way. Even more, from the moment I left open one Windows Explorer window, dopus stopeed doing this; even more, after closing the Windows Explorer window Dopus still is not doing this anymore, even if I switch it (dopus) completely off (closing from the notice taskbar icon) and then start it again.

But after starting dopus again (don't know if it can be related), one of the dual listers did not remenber its last path, which is annoying since after restarting you cannot "browse back" in dopus.

I guess this would be a temporaly solution till next PC restart (sorry, cannot reboot now to check it). That's why sometimes happen and sometimes not. As long as I never use Windows Explorer unless dopus crashes (which is not likely), this happens all the time for me.


I haven't been able to reproduce this myself so I can't check, but for those who can reproduce it:

Does it only happen if you're using the Folder Tree?

Maybe it's related to the way the tree is updated/redrawn when the CD changes.


Well, can't tell right now. It happened twice, but after closing one of the dual listers and opening again it did not happen anymore.

I'll post when it comes up again.


Well, it's been inconsistent but I've been able to reproduce this. I could NOT do it though unless I was browsing a drive letter positioned BELOW my optical drives letter in the folder tree...

  • my DVD drive letter is X:
  • mapped a network drive to Z:
  • browsed to a folder off the root of Z:
  • inserted a cd-rom, and while it was loading, clicked on the X: drive in the folder tree
  • when it loaded, canceled out of the 'what do you want windows to do' dialog (everyone else still have autoplay enabled???)
  • clicked back on the folder I had previous been on under Z:
  • ejected the cd-rom
  • Opus positioned to the root of drive Z:

All I can say is that it might indeed have something to do with the re-drawing of the tree as Nudel said... I noticed that 2 redraw flickers occurred, and that it was only after the second flicker that I was bumped back to the root of Z:. I can also confirm that after trying to reproduce this in Windows Exploder, which I could not, it then no longer was happening in Opus either. Weird...

P.S. - it only happened for me while the folder tree was turned on.


Glad to see that you could reproduce it!
Also my optical drive is on the classical "d:" so, working paths fall below this one. Noticed also the two redraws (flicks) of folder tree.

Tested it with folder tree off and nothing happened; tested again with folder tree on: first time one of the dual browsed one level up (not to root this time); second time nothing happened.

And yes, I'm still using autoplay :slight_smile: , if the system can open it for me, why should I care? :wink:

Well guys, so that's all we can do. Maybe now that it is reproducible it can be fixed in future releases.

So let me end with my usual final question, just to get profit from this all: Should I report this by mail as usual? or posted it into another section?


Nice finds Steje. Hopefully now there is enough information for GPSoft to reproduce and fix the problem. It's weird how it goes away if Explorer happens to be open but hopefully that doesn't matter in terms of making it work all the time.

In case you insert something nasty like a Sony audio CD that installs a rootkit without even asking you just because you put the CD in your drive. :slight_smile:


In case you insert something nasty like a Sony audio CD that installs a rootkit without even asking you just because you put the CD in your drive. :slight_smile:[/quote]

:blush: Yep! You hit it! Score for you! :smiley:

I'll submit it tonight as a bug report... but Nudel/Rhino... I'm curious, can either of you verify the problem by following these particular steps?

Hi steje,

Yes I can reproduce it using your steps.

How are you getting your folder trees to automatically refresh when you insert/remove drives/discs? My tree never refreshes when I do those things, which is probably why I can't reproduce your bug.

It should refresh, otherwise you could never notice that a cd or another removable device is inserted.
Another different thing is that you don't notice it.
That's the normal behaviour under windows explorer which is the reference here.

Have you switched off autoplay?

Have you switched off autoplay?[/quote]

Indeed I have. I had no idea that it would affect the refreshing of the tree though....

edit: Alright, how on Earth do you re-enable autoplay?

By editing this registry key:


setting autoRun to 1 "enable" or 0 "disable".

I have it disabled now, but my foldertree still refreshes when I insert a removable device.

Some may find it easier to use TweakUI to manipulate the auto-run settings.

It's available from Microsoft at their Powertoys Website or you can download directly.


Nice tool that one. Lamentably it scattered my desktop icons, is there any way/registry key to keep icons position?

Excuse me for the off-topic :blush:


Is there some way to get the tree to autorefresh without having Windows automatically run a CD/DVD? If not, then this is definitely something that should be added to a future version of Opus.