Dopus will be very slow to read huge OneDrive Folder

Since years, I use Dopus as File manager in my Windows 10 pc's.
My pc contains 3 SSD drives and a Huge 6TB usb external drive.
This drive gets 3GB remaining free space.
In this drive, I store 2 OneDrive folders; 1 personal and 1 for my company job.
The personal one is the bigger.
Windows 10 file manager is able to open this OneDrive folder with no issue and this is fast.

DOpus, since some times, have issues to read it. It's taking minutes to open it (when it's working) with the "Reading folder..." please wait image in the middle.
Sometimes, (often), it even can't open it.

I'm using the beta: 12.22.x64 build 7593

Is there any thing to do to improve this ?
Thanks in advance

Best place to start:

Based one what you describe, I would first check for a shortcut in the folder pointing to a network drive that cannot be reached.