Drag files (mp3) to launched application (winamp)

Hi. First i searched for drag & drop in the search but it wasn't my problem.

I just tried the evaluation software of opus and it looks great but I have trouble with two things, maybe because i don't have the full version but i don't think so :

1 - When my winamp or other applications are launched, i usually drag & drop the files to these applications who appears on top of my explorer. When i tried to drop the file to the application (winamp for example or others) the software disappear in the task icon bars. So i can't drop the files on it as i usually do with other explorer. Hope you can understand my problem as im' not english native.

PS : it's not a problem with the Pin on top of Opus. I can have access to the task bars of windows.

2 - My second problem was on a topic i found during a search :
[Sorting Folders Based on Modified Content)

I have not used Winamp for a few years now, and I can not remember if or how the drag and drop with it worked. However I can and do use drag and drop from Opus to many other programs, such as iTunes, Outlook, and Lightroom. So I know Opus supports drag and drop I'm just not sure why it is not working for you.

When you try to do the drag and drop, do you have Opus in "windowed" mode? That means are Opus and Winamp both resized so you can see both programs open on the screen at the same time? If not, try doing that and then do the drag and drop.

The second problem I recently responded to on the thread you posted.

Works here. I tried a multitude of applications using drag and drop from different lister views... even multiple file drag and drop and all of them handled the same as explorer normally would. Even dragging a folder onto application opened everything they could. Unicode and XP Pro, same on my laptop.

----- Edit -----
I just tried to maximize the display and dragging files to applications which support "always on top" and still had no problems. I enabled the stick pin and still had no issues with files, multiple files, or folders. Even with the second display it still worked without any problems.

Applications Used: Visual Studio 2005, WinAMP*, TextPad*, Office 2003 Apps, Open Office 2.0, and even HexEd*.

(*Supports always on top)

First of all : thanx for replying !

I hope i explained correctly. I will again cause i can't understand why it works for every explorer i used and not opus !

So. Opus is launched. I launch an mp3 so winamp appears on top of opus.
So i can see winamp and opus. When i click on a file to drag it to winamp (same thing for evey single software) the winamp program disappear in the task bar. So i have no clue why but i can't drag any file into a programl without resizing Opus put opus to the left and the other software to the right, visible even if i click on opus. VERY annoying.

Any clue ?

Sounds like Winamp is set to hide it's taskbar button when it's not the active window. Have you looked in the Winamp settings? It probably makes sense to have Winamp always-on-top if you have it set to also hide its taskbar button when not active (though if Opus is also always-on-top (i.e. pinned) then you'll still lose the Winamp window when you click on Opus to start the drag).

Hi Nudel.

Well as I said. It's not only winamp.

When i'm on OPUS, and if for example i click on trillian, winamp and some other software, they all appears over Opus. And when i click, just click to one file to drag them, they all disappear...
So that's not a problem of winamp and also, i didn't change my winamp configuration cause it works with every other explorer AND software !

I just installed explorerplus. And i have no problem with it.

Any suggestions? Am I the only one in that case since the creation of the forum !!! (I'm not a newbie !!)

Do you mean the program's windows disappear? If so then that is just Opus going on top of them. If Trillian and Winamp are always-on-top but Opus is also always-on-top (via the pin) then Opus can go on top of Trillian and Winamp. If you overlap Trillian and Winamp you'll see that they behave the same with each other as well. Solution: Un-pin Opus.

Or do you mean that the program's taskbar buttons at the bottom of the screen vanish when you click on Opus? If that's happening then either the programs are set to do that or something very strange is going on.

That said, if I drag a file out of Opus it doesn't come to the front of other windows. If I click on Opus, rather than dragging a file directly, then it does come on front...

Could you see if what you're seeing happens with programs other than Trillian and Winamp? Those two programs have very non-standard UIs so it might be something particular to each of them that we can't reproduce in other programs. Also, which verison of Winamp is it, and is it a classic skin or the other type (I forget the name now)?

The pin is at " control "ontop" state"
Because if not i can't see my "start XP toolbar".

And it's not only winamp but every single program i launched for example if i launch microsoft word, reduce it, and try to drag a doc file. I can't. Cause the word window will be hidden by Opus.

It 's driving me crazy !

If you have a program on-top then when you click on it it will go on top of other on-top programs. That's normal behaviour for all Windows apps.

You should un-pin Opus so that it isn't on-top.

Is your "Start XP" toolbar a floating toolbar? If so you can make it on-top independently of whether lister windows are also on-top.

Yes I have a floating bar There is only one state for my "start XP". And i don't want to change that.

So the only way for me to see opus and the floating bar is the left pin (i mean left by the little pin - who is on the left side of the icon)

So If you put the floating bar, and if you put the status on opus like i did. you confirmed there is no way to drag a file onto a applications like i can do with at least the 4 softwares i used ?

Right-click the floating toolbar and select "Keep On Top -> Top-Level". It will now be on-top, whether or not other Opus windows are on-top.

With that done, you can un-pin your other Opus windows (i.e. the file listers) so that they are not on-top but your toolbar still is. That should give you everything you want and when you click on Opus windows they won't hide on-top Winamp/Trillian windows that overlap with them.

First : Thanx for trying to solve the problem. I really appreciate that.

the problem is not a problem of floating tool bar. As i locked it or not it's the same.

And i don't want my other programs like winamp, winword, excel etc... to be on top i just want to drag a single file from a full screen OPUS to one of these software when i put them on top of the opus explorer.

I will do a screen capture !

It will be better with that :

So what i want to do : click on the file and drag it to winamp or any other softwares( excel, word, trillian, notepad...)

But each time i try to select something it hide the window of the software (winamp for ex). So the only way to drag it is to resize Opus and put the winamp to the left and drag. Too boring. And with any of the explorer i tried, only opus drive me crazy like this the others works fine witout changing anything.

What is the thing i've done bad ?

Interesting. What version of WAmp is that? Anyway, just to show you it is possible. Here's three shots I took with Opus and WAmp. Opus is set to act like a normal window (click to front) where as WAmp has the "always on top" mode set.

I am not quite following the discussion, but you may also drag to program's button on taskbar, wait until application window appears and then drag and drop to application's window.


Well it's not only winamp but every single software ! WInamp was just an example :frowning:

Also it's the normal version (basic skin) of the last winamp version.
And yeah if i put the always on top option on winamp that solve the problem. But i don't wanna put it on top always AND it doesn't solve the problem for all the other softwares (excel, word etc...).

Things are clearer now.

But: Isn't Opus behaving in the same way as Explorer?

If you drag a file from Opus, that is click on it and, not letting go, move the mouse, then Opus doesn't come to the front and you can drag out of it to a window that's above it.

If you click on a part of Opus and let go, or do something other than drag a file out, then Opus does move above and hide the other window.

That's the same as Explorer, right? Or is there another situation that I haven't thought of where Opus and Explorer do different things?

I just tested this with my setup, and it works fine. Remember you need to single-click select your file, and then slide it directly to winamp all within that same action. If you inadvertantly click and release, then what you describe happens. This is more a windows thing than anything else.


[quote="DThor"]I just tested this with my setup, and it works fine. Remember you need to single-click select your file, and then slide it directly to winamp all within that same action. If you inadvertantly click and release, then what you describe happens. This is more a windows thing than anything else.

Yeah same action. And i can't. I can with explorer of windows, with explorerplus, powerdesk etc...

Every time i click to select and try to drag the file the other application hide under the opus one :frowning:

Which view mode are you using in Opus (details/power/thumbs/list/icons)?