Drive test button

This self-contained button implements a simple drive test. It writes the test data to a chosen drive and then reads it back for verification. In case of any errors it informs the user.


This is more of a concept/test button-script rather than reliably proven tool (some code cleaning and minor refactoring is probably in order in the future), so I recommend to use it for testing if your USB cable or port is losing connection when wiggled etc.

Any feedback is welcome!

Drive test.dcf (15.4 KB)
Version 1.0

Important: this Drive test button-script requires Opus version 12.6.1 or above, or it will not work properly!

Version history
  • Apr 21, 2018 -- version 1.0
    • fixed "for" loop variable scope leak
  • Sep 2, 2017 -- version 0.9 beta
    • initial version

How to install the .dcf buttons

For more information: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

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