Dropbox - Right-click Menu Stuck and Automatically Localize Files

I think this fits the category as a "bug".

There are two pieces to this and I'm not sure if I should write up another one separately.

First Issue
When I right-click onto a file to change the Smart Sync location as local and then go to right-click on another item, Directory Opus freezes. However, I can do this on File Explorer without any issues. The context window pops up for the second file without any issues. FYI: The files are large. Note the second issue below.

Second Issue
When I click onto a folder to look at its contents, the files start to automatically download locally. I'm not sure why that would happen. This is noticeable with smaller file sizes as opposed to the larger ones that I right-click and then select to sync locally.

I'm not sure whether the two are tied together, but regardless, I'm experiencing problems with the second issue above all the time.

Is this happening with the latest versions of Opus and Dropbox Smart Sync?

I'm using 12.12.3 beta and Dropbox 69.4.102 (latest as far as I know).

A process monitor log might reveal what's causing the files to be downloaded: Process Monitor instructions

Not sure what has happened, but this does not seem to be an issue anymore. There were some updates to Dropbox and I also updated to the latest beta of DOpus (12.12.4). As always, thank you Leo!