Dropbox Sync Conflicting Files

Many of us use dropbox to sync our dopus appdata across multiple computers to avoid customizing each installation of dopus. You can see some previous thread about it here : Sync preferences files?
I also use Git to backup the configuration changes that I make, so that I always have a good version of config to restore if things go bonkers (like etckeeper).

Anyway I wanted to share some of my observations from running this setup for a while.

It works very well!! So that's great news!

Dropbox seems to frequently create conflicted copies of certain files repeatedly, so i was curious if somebody had an answer as to why. These are the files that I find have frequent conflicts:

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\dopus (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dat
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\userdata (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).omd

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Buttons\Images (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dop
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Buttons\Menu (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dop
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Buttons\Operations (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dop
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Buttons\Vijay Dopus Toolbar (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dop

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Collections\Find Results (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).col
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Collections\IdealWindowsRemoteSetupForWork (User's conflicted copy 2017-03-24).col
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Collections\IdealWindowsRemoteSetupForWork (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).col

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\colorgroups (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\foldercolors (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\hotkeys (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\iconsets (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\prefs (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-24).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\prefs (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-25).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\prefs (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\proxy (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\scriptaddins (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-27).oxc

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-05-21).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-05-24).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-05-29).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-06-26).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-25).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-08-17).osf
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\smartfav (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).osf

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\toolbars (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\viewer (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\viewerplugins (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxc
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\FileTypes\Groups\groups (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oxr
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\collection (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\default (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\default (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).xml
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\defined (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\folders (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-17).bin
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-17).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).bin
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Layouts\MGMT-001-My Lister (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oll
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Layouts\order (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).xml
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Layouts\Temp (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oll
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Layouts\System\default (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).oll
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\all-activity (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\funclog (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dfl

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\Script Output (User's conflicted copy 2017-05-21).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\Script Output (User's conflicted copy 2017-06-02).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\Script Output (User's conflicted copy 2017-06-26).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-24).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-25).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-08-16).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-08-22).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\script output (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18) (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).txt

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ScriptWizard.log (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-14).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ScriptWizard.log (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-17).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ScriptWizard.log (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-24).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ScriptWizard.log (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-25).txt
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Logs\ScriptWizard.log (User's conflicted copy 2017-08-17).txt

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Program State\programdata (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).xml
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets_ to space (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Add brackets around series name (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Create Audiobook Series (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\defaultkey (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).xml
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Dynamic Renamer 1.11 (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\RegEx Script Example (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Rename Blackberry Videos (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Replace %20 (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Sort By Modified Time (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Sort By Shooting Time (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Rename Presets\Yawcam sort into folder (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).orp

ScriptWizard, SmartFav, Findresults and ScriptOutput are obvious and simple to understand errors. That's because these are updated on each run of dopus, and are different for each machine.

For example if you look at the rename presets, and I compare the conflicted copy with the original I find no difference. (using my awesome diffselection button)

For the toolber files, I see that it was due to version upgrade from 12.4 to 12.6, only thing changed in the files was the version information.
and others I saw that a new parameter was added size_dpi
For the rename presets, it was the new group and version field

So for most of it I'm able to sort out the conflicts.
One thing keeps nagging me is the conflicts for the collections that I'm not actively using, I guess Dopus is refreshing these in the background.
However some of the other are mysterious. After going through all of the above, I can't figure out the following ones:

\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\dopus (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dat
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-17).bin
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-07-17).off
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).bin
\Dropbox\AppData\Directory Opus\Formats\system (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).off

So what do these files contain? and which one is better to keep? So far I haven't had any issues with these files, Do you expect there to be any problems with these files?

system.off contains the setups (columns, view mode, etc.) of virtual folders which Opus doesn't handle natively. Recycle Bin is the most common example.

It is updated whenever you exit such a folder, so it may be updated on both machines between syncs.

dopus.dat                                         dat           800 bytes 2006-12-07 11:29
dopus (User's conflicted copy 2017-09-18).dat     dat             4.14 KB 2006-12-07 11:29

Between these two files, one is substantially larger, does it matter? Can I just delete the bigger one?

It doesn't matter which of those you keep.

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