Dropbox tray icon double-click freezes DOpus

I see a few years back this affected a few people but the last few weeks I have to force DOpus to quit as double-clicking the Dropbox tray icon or simply navigating to the Dropbox folder causes that open Dopus folder to hang indefinitely. I can continue to open other windows in the background and use floating menus etc but I have had to create a button to open Dropbox in an explorer window to use it at all. The strange thing is quitting Dropbox doesn't make the folder accessible again so not sure what other steps I can take. Any ideas would be appreciated.

In other news I've just got an 060 + PPC for my Amiga 1200 :slight_smile:

Directory Opus Pro 12.16 Build 7143 x64
OS 10.0 (B:16299 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

I use Dropbox myself and haven't experienced any problems. Can you send us a manually generated dump file from when it's in this state?

Sending dumpfile over to crashdumps email now via dropbox link. I'm trying to think of other information worthy of mention but I don't know exactly what changed that coincided with it!

Thanks for sending that so quickly. I've only had a quick look but it seems like it might be hanging when it requests the icon overlay information.

Does it have any effect if you turn off Preferences / File Display Modes / Details / Display icons (assuming you're using Details mode)?

Haha amazing, yes it works fine now.

Thanks for confirming that. It might be worth trying if a simple reinstall of the Dropbox client has any effect. I know occasionally for me it has popped up and said the overlay shell extension isn't installed properly; perhaps something has gone wrong with it that Dropbox hasn't noticed but that a reinstall may fix.

I reinstalled the client and it worked for the first double-click of the tray icon only, sadly - as soon as I navigated into a subfolder in the Dropbox folder then back again, the same thing happened as before, which can be fixed by turning off Display Icons just as before. Off to sleep now but thanks for looking into that for me, much appreciated!