Egnyte Right click context integration

Currently Egnyte cloud storage says that they do not support Directory Opus as a windows explorer replacement to access the right click shell extensions for Egnyte actions on files and folders.

I use Directory Opus exclusively and until now I have never had this kind of problem with any program integrating these features. Can anything be done about this from Directory Opus' end of things? It pains me very much to have to return to windows explorer when I need quick access to lock and unlock files and folders or to set a folder for offline access. I usually have an entire 4K monitor dedicated to 4 to 6 dual pane Directory Opus instances. From there you can imagine the disruption to my workflow when I am forced to open Windows explorer to do the one task that I can't do in DOpus. (First world problems huh?)

If you are unable to make this integration possible from your end, can your team start putting some pressure on / work with Egnyte to implement this support?

Did they mention why?

Context menu extensions written for File Explorer usually work in Opus without issue.

There are some changes in the current beta versions (soon to be released into 12.21) which add support for some less common context menu types (which are becoming more common recently). If you try the beta you might find things work already, if that was the issue before.

But otherwise, it's possible for extensions to allow or block usage based on the process name, and we can't do anything about that, if that is what they are doing.

Do the menus work via the File > Open window in Notepad.exe, for example?

We're not really in a position to apply pressure on them, as we are neither their customers nor their business partners. It's something their customers would need to do.

We're happy to talk to them if they have any technical issues with differences between Opus and Explorer, but if they're just choosing to block the menu arbitrarily or something like that then we have no power to change their minds.

That's why I was surprised to see it not work. I didn't believe this was something that required any special action on behalf of the third-party application developer. If it was available as an extension in Windows Explorer, it should just work in DOpus. However, there is at least one other person who has made the same post on their forums about this not working and this is the response I received from their team.

"As I understand, you are looking for Egnyte right-click menu options for files while accessing the Desktop app from the Directory Opus file manager program.

We currently do not have this feature and we thank you for the feedback. Your suggestions are very important to us and allow us to improve our products and services. We will pass your idea along to our Product Team for review."

It does not seem that they are intentionally disallowing this. Do you have a recommendation for how to respond that may give their team a little more technical information as to how the integration is handled by your software?

The way forward depends on why it isn't working.

  • Do the right-click menus work in Notepad's File Open dialog?

  • Have you tried them in the latest beta version of Opus (12.20.8 at time of writing)?

I just installed this beta version and it does not work here either.

It also does not work in the notepad Open file dialog.

In that case they are almost certainly restricting the menu to processes named explorer.exe or something like that.

They must be doing that by choice. You'll have to argue with them about that choice if you want them to change their minds. There's nothing we could do on our side.

Checking on this topic a few years later. Same issue. Has there been any progress made to enable Egnyte desktop app integration? For example, I'd like to view local documents in the cloud. In Explorer, I can just right click and select from several Egnyte options. Opus doesn't show the Egnyte options which are:

You will need to ask them, assuming it's the same and their menu items don't even appear within Notepad.exe.

They are the ones who decide where their menu items appear, not us.

Okay. I do not use their right click commands that often, so my workaround is just to copy/paste the path from Opus into explorer and then use their right click option. No big deal.

Why not ask them, though, like you asked us?

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I asked them. No response.