Error (0C00000FD) Crash (DisplayFusion)

Happens when opening DO for the first time after it has been closed.

do (116.2 KB)

It looks like this crash is caused by DisplayFusion.

It may be similar to this recent crash report:

The minidump shows the crash happened because a thread ran out of stack space, which usually means some code got stuck in an infinite recursion. The only code we can see from the dump involves DisplayFusion's hook DLL:

Please report this to the DisplayFusion team so they can investigate. They may need you to provide more information about your machine or DF setup. If they need anything from us, we're happy to help.

As a temporary fix, according to the other thread I linked above, you can add Opus to the list of programs which DF won't hook to avoid the problem:

DisplayFusion has an option to disable application hooks for specific applications so I’ve put dopus.exe on that list.

But getting it fixed properly is best, both to help other people and because the same bug may cause problems on your system with other software.