Explorer Replace in the whole Windows 10 system

Aim new on Opus 12. I love It. I move from Mac to Windows 2 Years ago after 25 Years only Apple.
So Opus is for me the best experience i searching for.
No i have the problem: Have set up Opus as Explorer replacment but still the context menues Safe as etc. comes in the normal Wind 10 explorer. how i can set up Opus to be the only explorer i have.
It`s this possible?

Opus can replace File Explorer. It does not replace the entire Windows shell (taskbar, desktop, File Open/Save dialogs).

There isn't a good way to replace those dialogs in Windows. People have tried but it causes problems.

There is software which enhances the existing dialogs, adding extra buttons or menus to perform quick actions. Several of those tools can integrate with Opus (e.g. to give you quick access to open folder tabs, Opus favorites, and so on).

What Tools can do this and integrate Opus?

Cool thx, that helps me a little, but what I miss most here is the filterbar from Opus (Windows search is terrible)