Export to USB Thumb Drive - hidden options

I wonder why the option "Images used by your current configuration" is grayed out when I do use some custom images for labels? Is there a special folder where Opus expects me to hold all custom images (I use /home/Images/)?

But it seems to me that Opus is making the smaller images of whatever I point it to and cache them somewhere...

That option only applies to images configured in Preferences / Display / Images.

I see... Would it be too hard to include label images as well? :angel:

Put them in /dopusdata/User Data if you want them to be included in backups.

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Oooops, this is on C: that I consider temporary drive. I keep all my important installations on separate partition :nerd:, but since you say it will be included in the backup I shall do as you say.

I see I may edit manually colorgroups.oxc in order to avoid reselecting all images manually. :slight_smile:

You can create a symlink (pointing to \Roaming\GP...) and keep your DO-config on another drive

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