External applications to open in specified lister

Hello, this is my first post - thanks for an excellent program and for seeming to take care of your customers (even discussing with them directly on forums - it's a rare and wonderful thing to see). I've looked around on the forums and checked the FAQ, but not found any answers to my rather specific problem. Here goes.

When external applications try to open folders, or I open folders by doubleclicking My Computer or such, they open an entirely new DOP window. Instead I would like DOP to realise that there is already a window open, and instead open the folder in a new tab in the latest used lister.

Is this possible in the current version, and if it isn't - is there any chance you'd incorporate it in future versions?

There's a registry hack to do this, although it may produce strange results (e.g. with system folders like Recycle Bin) in places and isn't officially supported/recommended. You can always change things back if it doesn't work for you, though.

Edit: Here's an alternative registry hack in case it's better. (Uses the last active lister.) Also note the warning from Greg @ GPSoft that this definitely isn't supported/recommended. :slight_smile: (But until there's a proper way to do it, it's the only option I know of.)

This will do for now then, I suppose. Thanks a bunch for the answer. :slight_smile: