Extract from RAR files to desktop

OK, i have uninstalled WinRAR and deleted unrar.dll from my system completely (the sole exception being the VSF firectory of DOpus). when i try to extract a file to the desktop, i get an error "Cannot read from the source file or disk". On top of that, double-clicking rar files that are on the desktop results in the "unknown file type" prompt. I know that DOpus does not handle the desktop folder, but can these problems be overcome?


How are you extracting the file to the desktop?

Opus won't add an Extract item to the right-mouse drag & drop menu for RAR files by default, so if you're seeing one it's probably something left over from another program. (You should be able to add an item to the menu to do this, though. Shout if you want to but don't know what to do.)

If you're extracting via a toolbar button then it should work, at least in theory.


To get Opus to open RAR files when double-clicking on the Windows desktop or other programs, try setting up the RAR filetype as shown in the second picture here:

[Make RAR, 7z, ISO, etc. files open in Opus on double-click)

(The first picture is enough if you just want double-click of RAR files within Opus to work, but if you want it to work in other places as well then you need the second picture as well.)

the error appears when i try to drag and drop to the desktop. here's how - i have a rar file in my documents. having followed the guide you link above (file types, etc), i can doubleclick it inopus and it opens perfectly well in opus. but once it's open, if i try to drag a file or folder from the content of the rar file to the desktop, i get the error. if i drag to another opus window, it works fine, the problem only appears when i drag to the desktop. maybe this clarifies it?

I have the same problem (and I see someone else does too, [Cannot copy file - RAR) )... - does anyone have a fix for the problem?


I've just sent a report to GPSoftware in case nobody had done so already.

You can work around the problem by going to /desktopdir instead of Desktop.

Thank you very much for your answer, and for sending in that report!

I have noticed (what I believe is the workaround you mentioned) that it does work if I copy content from a compressed file to the desktop directory that is visible within the DOpus program, but I really hope GPSoftware will be able to solve the issue that makes drag & drop-ing from DOpus (from within a RAR) to the Desktop (outside of DOpus) possible! keeping my fingers crossed