Failing to open - my issue resolved

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I just wanted to report that my issue is now resolved.

Dopus had been failing to open after I restored my C: drive from an image that was 18 days old. Dopus should have had 7 days left to run under the certificate but for some reason it wouldn't run.

After a 5-day break I reinstalled the software again with just 2 days left on the certificate and now all is fine. I was able to run the program as normal, register it, and now it is running fine under a full licence.

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Like so many others, I too got this problem 7 days before the end of my trial. Its working fine now, but I can't be sure exactly what it was that fixed it.

Here is what I did between now and when the problem started:

  1. Checked to makes sure that COM+ was functioning. I had to start the COM+ System Application manually.

  2. Uninstalled all Stardock programs

  3. Installed and ran a full scan in Microsoft Antispyware. Found nothing at all.

  4. Ran DOpus, and it stated normally. I then took the opportunity to purchase and register it as soon as I could, for fear it might crash. After registering it works perfectly.

My personal theory is that something in the trial version creates issues with COM+ once you reach the 7 days remaining mark and you actually get an extra popup warning you of this. Perhapse its the combination of this and having Stardock programs installed. Its just too much of a cooinsidence that so many people have encountered this problem at the same point in their trials. I think it would really behoove GPSoft to look into this, espescially since it seems to strike right before most people would consider purchasing the program! :astonished: