FAQ section now up-to-date and growing

The FAQ section here on the resource centre is now fully up-to-date with all of the FAQ entries which used to exist on the official GPSoftware site.

Please take some time to read through all the FAQ topics in case any of the information there is useful.

The older FAQ entries were written by Jon & Greg at GPSoftware and I took the opportunity to update them for the latest version of Opus. I've also written and re-written a few new entries and, now that this backlog is cleared, new FAQs will be added semi-regularly. Please keep an eye on the FAQ section for new posts.

Of course, let me know if you spot any errors or areas for improvement in the FAQs and shout if you have suggestions or requests for additional entries.

If you only read one FAQ entry then please read the one on Understanding and Configuring Folder Formats as it took me absolutely ages to write and it's an area that frequently causes confusion. :slight_smile:

Happy Opusing! :opussanta:

You're amazing, nudel. The folder format section is amazing and very easy to understand. You even taught me something about folder formats. Not that it's hard to teach me, but that is an area that I should be very familiar with by now, having been a die-hard Opus guy for several months now.

Great work, and we all appreciate it.


Heh, I taught myself something while writing that FAQ. It forced me to understand part of the Folder Formats system that I'd always ignored because I thought was kinda random and weird. Having had to write down what it all does I played with it some more and found out it's completely logical, I just didn't realise what was going on before. :slight_smile:

I'm glad the FAQs are useful so far. Thanks for the feedback! A few more have gone up in the last couple of hours and I'll probably keep writing them until I fall asleep on my keyboard.

I'm gratified you only thought it was kinda random and weird :slight_smile:

Just like that bloke who wrote it. :laughing: :laughing:


Another appreciative nod for the great job you have done on the FAQ. The link to nudel.dopus.com/opus_desktop_show.reg in this entry is broken. This is supposed to trigger a download of the registry update that makes Opus viewer the default for a variety of image extensions.

Regards, AB

Sorry about the bad link. I've fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know!

Phew. That was quick. Now for the next exciting episode...

In my case, the registry fix did not cause DOpus to take control as expected. When I inspected the entry for .png it looked like this:[quote][HKCU\Software\ ... \FileExts.png]
Removing the "ProgID" entry did the trick. The same problem is true for all of the other entries that are currently set to use XNView as the default viewer so these also need to be changed.

I thought it would be quicker to uninstall XNView and then reinstall without any default associations. However I noticed from the part of the HKCU entry that I clipped ..., that XNView stored a backup link to my previous viewer of choice, Irfanview, so my guess is that I will have to back out the whole chain before DOpus becomes the default viewer for all of the filetypes in your handy .reg update. Might be quicker to do them manually after all!

Regards, AB

Hey Leo/Steve, what do you think about adding a FAQ entry guiding people to the various places where documentation exists? Maybe something that let's people know how the docs for Opus 8.x are organized...

  • The full Opus 8 Manual is available on the GPSoft web site: http://www.gpsoft.com.au/manual/opus_documents.html
  • There is also a New Features of Opus 8 document that explains the major differences between the previous 6.2 version and the original 8.0 release
  • Change notes detailing bug fixes and features added AFTER the initial 8.0 release are installed to the Opus program folder with each major 8.x update - i.e. Opus 82 Changes.pdf
  • A history of changes between minor 8.x.x.x updates are generally located on the GPSoft site: http://www.gpsoft.com.au/History8.html and announced here on the forums.

I just took a look at this FAQ, and I was happy to see that you provided some examples at the end. But when I tried to follow the instructions you provided there, I ran into trouble. You say:

[quote]# To set a folder for example, Received Files, to display in reverse data order:

* Open the folder in a Lister.
* Open the Folder Options dialog (View, Folder Options via the default menu or the last button on the default toolbar). [/quote]

I assume by "default menu" you mean the menu items at the top (File, Edit, View, etc.). Well, when I select View, I don't see anything that says Folder Options. I see Dual Display, Folder Tree, Status Bar, Contacts List, Viewer Pane, etc. I don't think I've changed this (I DID change the default toolbar, but not the default menu). Have I misunderstood you? If so, could you try once more to penetrate my thick skull? :confused: Where do I find "Folder Options"? Thanks in advance.

Folder Options used to be in the default View menu (and this is what Leo's menus are obviously based on), however since version 8 it has been in the Tools menu by default.

Thanks, Jon. Sounds like Leo needs to make a small change in the FAQ. (No good deed goes unpunished. :smiley: )

Jon or someone else already updated it. :slight_smile: