Favorites List doesn't display Icons

I have 2 favorite lists.

One is in Menu that dispalys the list of favorites locations. I've added the SHOWICONS tag to the Favorite Locations button and it correctly displays the folder icon next to each favorite when I press on the menu.

If I display the Favorite Locations (Favorite List) directly in a toolbar so that each favorite is it's own button, the icons don't appear (after I've added the SHOWICONS tag).

This doesn't seem correct to me. Bug?

Check that the button without icons has the Show Image option checked (it needs that in addition to the SHOWICONS argument).

Check also that the toolbar it is on doesn't have icons forced off in the Customize dialog.

Thanks. I should have seen that.

Thank you. This corrected my issue as well

But I'm wondering how to change the size of the icons so that they are in line with the rest of the icons in that row. Unchecking "Large image size" makes them a bit smaller than the rest and checking "Large image size" makes them too big. Is there an in between?

They're a little too small

The default small Opus toolbar icons are 20x20 while the default small Windows icons (used for files, folders, drives, etc.) are 16x16.

I think the only way to make them match would be to create/install a 16x16 toolbar icon set. I don't think anyone has made one so far, though, unless there's one in the icons forum that I forgot about being 16x16.