[Feature Request] Folder Creation From Multiple Files

the way it would work:

select multiple files you would want your folder to contain
select "New Folder" from the toolbar
input the folder name and accept.

presto your files are in the newly created folder. I feel this would be very helpful when dealing with masses of files as drag and dropping can get a bit tedious.

This is what I use:

@runonce:@set dirname={dlgstringS|Enter name of folder to move selection into|{file$|noext}}
Copy MOVE HERE FILE="{file$}" CREATEFOLDER="{$dirname}"

Beautiful! this is exactly what i wanted. thank you so much.

I am wanting to do exactly this. I am a new DO user and not a programmer. What is the procedure to create a command and/or button to accomplish this please? Thanks!


So great! I am amazed how easy it is to create such functionality. And your speedy/helpful replies are out of this world!

You can also do this via a program called FileMenuTools. It's called "Pack to Folder".

For those with more advanced needs, there is another utility called Files 2 Folders which can name the folder automatically based on certain parameters.

Some people prefer to expand the power of the very flexible and capable Directory Opus. Others prefer ...

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