Feature request: Minor tweaks to Opus Image Viewer

TL;DR Version: I would like to request an option for an F2 inline rename as well as the ability to add/change rating of the currently displayed image via hotkeys.

Here's the long version with more reasoning:
As a long term user of IrfanView, due to its lack of proper unicode support I find myself using the built in dopus image viewer ever more frequently. Here are a few suggestions that will tremendously enhance the experience for me as well as other Opus users:

Suggestion 1
As it is now, to rename the currently viewed image you need to:[ul]
[ol][li]use the MoveTo which opens a browse dialog (also defaults to some last used folder and not the image folder) > browse to the original folder, enter the new name...
[li]remember the image name, filter the lister that spawned the viewer to find it and do an inline rename.[/li]
[li]tag (ctrl+T) the image > go to the lister > do a rename > disable tag mode == overkill[/li]
[li]view them one by one: open from lister > close > open next > close > optionally rename > open next etc.[/li][/ol][/li][/ul]
All of these break the flow in my opinion so the simplest solution would be:
F2 shortcut (and Rename command in context menu) of the image viewer would bring up (and focus) an input type dialog box, with the original name highlighted (without the extension), allowing for a simple rename operation, hopefully without affecting the current file-list order. Similar in terms of how IrfanView does it.

Suggestion 2
We could use and easier and more intuitive way to Rate (as in write rating tags and or ntfs streams to) the current images for on-the-fly rating.
Using number/numpad keys or a combination thereof (while image viewer is focused of course) would write out the rating to the image/file-system.
A star rating information overlay would be the next logical thing to add so we know the current rating.
As the image viewer is relatively simple and therefore very fast, it could issue the commands to opus which does them already and can execute them on its behalf.

Thank you for reading this. I hope it is not too much to ask for. I'd appreciate any thoughts on it as well.

I would like this as well.

If I may add: I'd like an 'invert' mode, where the colors are inverted. I know, a little strange, and probably not wanted by a lot of people, but I'll take my changes.

Reason: I often view B&W photos/scans with text that can be hard to read. Playing around with the built-in gamma settings helps, but sometimes Inverting black and white can make it easier to read text.

Bumping this as it seems 11 is upon us. Any plans to add those features before 12?

We've literally just released Opus 11 so we won't be ready to start talking about what happens next for a while.