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Feature requests - multi column view and clipboard manager

So I was a Mac user about 10 years ago (don't judge me). I don't miss OS X in general but I was a fan of the Finder's multi column view - where you could see the contents of the selected folder and each parent folder as well (hard to explain but I'm sure you know what i mean). Is there any chance you would consider adding this to Directory Opus? it's particularly good for moving or copying files quickly.

Second request - I used to use a file manager in my mac days called Path Finder. It had a feature called the shelf which was an icon on the left above the favourites. You could drag as many files from as many locations as you wanted to the shelf, then go to a new folder and paste them all there in one go. Really handy!

Is there any chance you would consider adding this to Directory Opus?

Not very likely

the shelf

Have a look at file collections.

Thanks. I figured it was unlikely - a lot of people don't see the point but if you have used it there are definite advantages over just using the folder tree. I've always found folder trees annoying, you spend so much time scrolling horizontally when you expand another folder. I don't want to spend all my time in the cramped sidebar, I want to browse my folders in the main window.

Thanks for the link to file collections - they look useful but not exactly what i was after. The shelf concept is more like a multiple clipboard feature. So you go to one folder and drag a file onto the shelf, then you go to another folder and drag a second file onto the shelf. Then you can go to your destination folder and move both files simultaneously from different source folders to the same destination folder. It is useful.

Admit it: you haven't tried out file collections :wink: