Few queries on Directory Opus 12 new features

Few queries on Directory Opus 12 new features.

I use Directory Opus 10.

I want something similar to file-sizes with duration field. I have selected the "Calculate the folder sizes automatically for all local and network drives" in Folders/Options under Settings/Preferences. I have also placed the icon for "Calculate the byte sizes for selected folders" icon on the toolbar which I click when required to recalculate the folder sizes.

For each file, the size shows the size of the file and for each folder, the size shows total size of all the files in the folder (including sub-folders). Status bar has the ability to display the total size of selected files as also total size of all the files/folders for the folder shown in the tab.


For each audio/video file, I can see the duration of that file. However, if my audio/video files are in folders and sub-folders, I cannot see anything in duration. I want to see total duration of all audio/video files for the folder in question in the duration field on the row for the folder.

In status bar, I want a sum total of all durations for not only audio video files in that folder but including all folders/sub folders and files for the folder shown in the tab.

b) Is it possible to view the total duration of audio files separately from all video files ? In short, is it possible to know how many audio files are available on the drive / folders with total duration of same separately from how many video files are there on the drive / folders with total duration ?

c) There was a problem with both Directory Opus 10 and Directory Opus 11 in that the file icons disappeared. Please read the support thread in the attachment. It is also available at

resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.ph ... ead#unread

d) Are there any new features in Search function ? e.g. Does it allow content searching by indexing file contents or something that makes the searches faster.

e) Does it allow searching using
- NEAR or LIKE operators where I can find two words that are n words apart from each other
e.g. Directory NEAR/10 Features should find the Directory Opus 12 New Features as Features is within 10 words of Directory

- for words with ? or * i.e. wildcards used.
e.g. ??AR should find NEAR and DEAR both or *AR* should find all words with AR embedded anywhere in the word etc.

- searching for contents within compressed and zip  or rar files etc.

I do like the search function available even in Directory Opus 10 as it is very powerful with various fields available for searching along with sub-clauses which makes it very powerful. The only thing is that is pretty slow when content search is used.

Hence, I will like to know if there is anything in Directory Opus 12 which makes it even better.

Thanking in advance,


[ul][li] Please ask one question per thread.

[li]a) Flat View may help there, since it will let you include files from child folders.

[li]b) Are we talking about searching using the Find panel here, or something else? Please start a new thread for that with some more detail on what you want and we can discuss it in depth.

[li]c) I believe that has been fixed. Or rather worked around; the problem was with incorrectly written shell extensions returning invalid data, which then caused Windows to draw blank icons. Opus now checks and corrects the data before passing it from one thing to the other.

[li]d) Yes, there are new Find/Search features. See the What's New video around 16:49.


No, our own indexing system is not one of the new features. But we still let you use Windows Search (via the search field at the top-right of the lister), if you want to use an indexed search instead of the Find panel.

[li]e.1) Wildcards like * and ? have always worked, I think. They certainly work now, at least.

[li]e.2) Things like "NEAR" and "LIKE", no, at least not in the Find panel. (Windows Search has something like that, I think, so you may be able to do it via the search field, top-right of the lister.)

[li]e.3) "Searching for contents within compressed and zip or rar files etc." That's been possible for as long as I can remember, at least. There's a checkbox in the Find panel which enables it.

It will also search the contents of contents of archives, too. (At least for simple text files in archives. I didn't try anything more complex.)[/li][/ul]