File and folder settings


Forgive me if this is a daft question but I simply cannot find the answer to it.

Very simply, I want say 'detail' view for my 'Documents' folder and thumbnail view for 'My Pictures' sub-folder.

I have set 'documents' Customize to Documents (not for sub-folders). 'My Pictures' is set to 'pictures and videos using customize.

Opus has the default Folder settings in Preferences - details for Documents and Thumbnails for Pictures.

With these settings I would have expected to see Thumbnails when I click on My Pictures but I don't. I see details.

What should I be doing?


Sorry for extra post but I couldn't Edit the previous one.

I just discovered the 'Content Type' tag at the bottom right. It was 'disabled'. seems to have solved the problem.

See the Folder Formats FAQ as well, if you want to know more.