Files in cloud storage folders shown in the Viewer Pane are automatically downloaded

I always have the Preview Pane open because I like to have quick previews. In both my Dropbox and OneDrive folders, whenever I select (for example) an image file that is currently 'Online Only' it gets automatically downloaded to my PC. It doesn't happen when the Preview Pane is closed, so I'm pretty sure it got something to do with the preview. Windows Explorer doesn't auto-download the file, it just keeps it 'Online Only'.

I don't want files to be automatically downloaded this way, any way to fix this with settings?

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There isn't currently. If you tell Opus to display a picture in the viewer pane, Opus has to download the file to do so.

I guess we could add an option to prevent that. (Our design was that people would only turn on the viewer pane when it was wanted, but we realise not everyone does that.)

An option to prevent that would be welcome for me. I was used to having the Windows Explorer Preview Pane open constantly without having to worry about unnecessarily downloading files off the cloud.

For example, I might be searching through some folders with lots of photos from a holiday trip or something and only looking for one photo in particular, it's kind of a waste of resources and disk space having to download every file I go through.

Windows Explorer can display a smaller (lower resolution) preview in its Preview Pane without downloading the file. Something similar for Opus would be really nice.