Files opened from Vivaldi opens new lister,i don't want that

I just upgraded to Opus 12.Earlier i had this setting with Opus 10 and it was working fine.Now if try to open any files from Vivaldi it opens new lister.I just want it to be opened in same lister.
thx in advance.

There's a setting under Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement to open folders in a new tab instead of a new window.

Yes thx
Now i also want to disable Opus from opening new lister when clicked from start menu.I want already opened Opus to bring to the front instead.

You could make a Start Menu shortcut which runs this command:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go NEW LASTACTIVELISTER

(Using the taskbar seems easier though!)

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I don't feel like posting new topic for this small question unless u suggest me to, So i just ask Dopus10 i have Drive bar at center and when i click on certain Drive letter with Left mouse click it will open to Left side and if I use right mouse click it will open drive to right pane.But i am not able to figure out in Opus 12.Plz guide.

That should be a separate topic (since it isn't related to the subject of this thread at all, Vivaldi opening new windows), but if you search for "drive buttons left right" you'll also find the answer:

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that's my bad...i usually search before posting a topic but about drive not opening i just didn't. Was just too busy configuring new Opus12.
but thx for redirecting me and helping as always.

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