Filtering a view based on a specific column value?

Hi, I'm new to DOpus, I'm trying to figure out if it's good enough to make me switch from total commander :smiley:

There is one thing I can do in TC and I can't find a way to do it here: I use TortoiseCVS for CVS handling. I'm able to show the CVS status column pretty easily in DOpus, I can sort based on that column, but I can't figure out how I could FILTER using this column.

For instance, what I'd like to do is to show only modified & added files in flat view.

Is that possible at all? It is in TC, although it's slow ( I have around 9000 source files in the folders I'm checking ..)

I don't think there's a way to do this at the moment. I've just filed a feature request asking to be able to filter based on 3rd party columns but I don't know how easy it will be to add.

If you use "Flat View (No Folders)" mode then you could use a multi-column sort to make life a bit easier. Click on the "CVS Stauts" column to first sort by that, then hold Ctrl down and click on the "Location" column (add it if it's not there already, of course) to do a secondary sort on that. Keep Ctrl held and click the Name column to use that as the 3rd sort column. Now your modified files will be sorted into their folders.

The other, unmodified files will still be listed which isn't ideal, but it's better than it was.

At work I use a little script to generate a list of modified files from my CVS tree into a textfile that's always shown on my desktop using a Samurize meter. I kick it off via an Opus button but apart from that it doesn't use Opus for the rest. If it would be useful let me know and I'll put it online somewhere.

Thanks for the ordering tip.

I still use WinCVS for "flat-view" checkins, so it's not really urgent.

But there is definitely room for improvement in the filtering area - as it's not only CVS, you could want to filter pictures files based on EXIF properties, etc.

We should have the same kind of filter dialog than what we have already in the "advanced" part, where you can put multiple conditions. And then in the dropdown instead of just having to pick between predefined values, we should have the same categorized items than we already have in the column choosing.

Both of these are available already. Set up a filter in the advanced Find or Select dialog -- which can include conditions on various EXIF properties via "Image" clauses -- then save the filter. You can now make a Select command which references the filter and hides non-matching files, or selects matching files, and so on.

Select FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hide PATTERN="saved filter name"

You can then clear the filter with this command:


(Only the last line is needed to clear the Select filter, but I like to have a single button which clears all types of filter.)

ok.. so basically only the CVS fields are missing here :wink:

I'll wait for them!