Find duplicate files with different filenames

I'm trying to figure out how to do what my topic implies.

To let you know my scheme, I use my tablet as a quick and dirty scanner for all my incoming monthly documents -- invoices, medicare summay documents, etc. When through, I throw away all the paper docs in an attempt to go paperless.

I then transfer these jpg images from my tablet into a desktop folder called C:\Users\Public\Documents\Google Drive\Repository Androids

I then double-click each tablet-named (abstract date-based filename) file inside Opus:

  1. Shift select
  2. Crop
  3. Saveas to new filename
  4. Right click, delete the camera-numbered filename

My problem? Too often, I forget to delete that numbered file. Like today -- in the last 3 months I have a bunch of camera-numbered files left over in their respective folders -- all duplicates of the Newly named and meaningful files -- and ones which I failed to delete at the time.

So, how to go about getting rid of the numbered filename files?

Within each folder I search for all *.jpg files using Opus Ctrl-F, then Duplicate files, Md5 checksum. Yes, I've varied that slider from 100% down to 3% but that seems to yield no results.

Any tips?

I've varied that slider from 100% down to 3% but that seems to yield no results.

No surprise. Once you've cropped and saved the image the checksum will be completely different (which is the whole point of modern checksums).

You might be able to link the original and cropped files by comparing their time tags, e.g. date taken.

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If you've cropped and re-saved the image then it will no longer be a duplicate of the original. Opus doesn't have a way to compare images for similar appearance.

I like that idea. But I've looked high and low to be able to sort files by "date taken" and am at a loss.

Found that ability, lxp, using Windows File Explorer. Problem solved.

Thanks, lxp, for the lead.

There are various image-related timestamp columns under the Picture Metadata category in Opus:

Date Taken, or sometimes Date Digitized, is usually what you want.

If you can't find a column but know its name, you can also use the filter under the list of columns in the Folder Options dialog:

Wow, Leo, this product is just like a Swiss Army Knife. Thanks for holding me by the hand on this.

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Yes, and it works beautifully.
Sadly, it does not appear to be "sticky". Exit and re-launch Dopus and it returns to what it was.
Not a problem since I only need it for two sessions a month and it's quite easy to set on the desktop folder which receives the tablet JPGs.

Sadly, it does not appear to be "sticky".

It can be made sticky using Folder Formats. Have a look:

Thank you, lxp.