Find Text From the Web (Everything)

This button opens Opus in files and folders in your storage using text copied to the clipboard from a browser and.

Creation of a Global Hotkey

In Customize, create a global hotkey, Alt+Z, or a key of your choice as follows:
a. Label - Find Text From the Web (Everything)
b. Description - Global Hotkey Alt+Z [or the key of your choice]
c. Function definition -

@showif:=Exists("/utils\Everything_64\Everything64.exe") && selitems == 1
"F:\Everything_64\Everything64.exe" -s "{clip}"
"F:\Everything_64\Everything64.exe" -s "{clip}"

d. Alter the code to show the location of Everything on your system.


Select and save text from a web browser to the clipboard. Without leaving the browser, click Alt+Z [or the key of your choice].

Everything will open with paths to the text, if the text exists in files or folder names in your storage.

You can then open an item from Everything and Opus will open in that folder.

If you use filters in Everything, you may need to pick appropriate filters after Everything opens.

This assumes Everything is installed and familiarity with the operation of Everything.

Thanks to aussieboykie for the code in Pass or copy file\folder name to everything.

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This will come in handy for sure. I recently set up a similar key thru auto autohotkey to automatically search Google from the clipboard, hadn't dawnd on me yet to to this this the other way round.