Flat View - Copy to Single Level - New Option

I can't get this new option to work as I think it is supposed to.
See : Recreating folder structure when moving only one file - #21 by Leo

I find the wording in Preferences to be unclear. I have tried every possible combination of check boxes in Preferences > File Operations > Copying Files > Confirmation

A great feature for me is being able to recreate folder structure when moving or copying from a Flat View.
I THINK this new feature allows one to recreate the folder structure (or part of it) when the files being copied or moves happen to all be from the same folder.


Confirmed, it seems broken in the current beta. We'll get it fixed.


I updated to Version 13.0.39 and it does not seem to be fixed.
I read the release notes, and it was not mentioned, but I don't know how detailed the release notes are.

It’s still in the backlog. Lots for us to work through after the public beta began.


Actually, my mistake, it has already been fixed, in 13.0.37:

  • Fixed flatview copies always acting like the Copy to single level if all items are in the same folder option was turned on

From a quick test here, it seems to be working correctly. If it's not working for you with the current beta, please let us know the steps you're doing and what happens, and we'll try the same thing.

(So far I've tried copy via drag & drop, with and without Ctrl held, and the Copy Files and Move Files buttons, all with the option on and off, and each test worked correctly for me.)

I finally got it to work when I set the preferences to the opposite of what thought I needed. I find the wording in the manual and Preferences very awkward, and I think that was the problem.