Flickr sync doesn't work at all

Hello dOpus community, fairly new dOpus user here :slight_smile: I am having a problem with Flickr synchronization - as you can see in the attached screenshot below i registered my Flickr account no problem and the test returns the "Account OK" prompt

Added some test photos to my Flickr collection but when i tried to synchronize with Flickr nothing happens... this screen keeps going on forever :disappointed:

Tried to check both Uploads and Downloads, only Uploads and only Downloads but the result is always the same... Any help on my issue is highly appreciated, apart of this minor glitch everything else works as expected from a premium class file manager :slight_smile:

By the way using the latest dOpus 12.3.4 Beta but the same was going on with version 12.3 Stable :frowning:

Thanks for your time and help,
Georgios Melekos from Greece.

It works ok here in a quick test.

Do you have any firewall or antivirus software that might possibly be interfering? If so, tell it to ignore the Opus process (dopus.exe) and see if it makes a difference.

Hi Jon,

thanks a lot for your reply. I don't think my (ESET Smart Security Premium 10) is the problem, anyway though i created a firewall (inbound/outbound) rule but still the problem persists i'm afraid... Hopefully as some other users mentioned too it will sort itself out in a future release :slight_smile: Any other recommendations more than welcome!

P.S. Just a quick thought : You don't have to be a Premium (PRO) Flickr user to use the feature, right?

No you don't, free accounts work fine (or at least they do here!)

Ah nice, one less problem to consider then :sunglasses:

Flickr synch doesn't work for me using DOpus 12.7 x64. It did before, used it for at least a thousand photos. Here's what happens each time I try lately:

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Have any crash dumps been generated when that happens? Please send them to us if they have.

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thanks, a couple from today just sent --

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Thank you for sending the dumps.

The crash you were seeing should be fixed in the next update.

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Great to have flickr sync back again -- thanks!

For anyone getting a user not found error, just reauthorize with flickr.

I have the same problem as @illruning posted two years ago, Feb 3, 2017.
I'm using DOpus 12.12, Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 build 17763.292.
I have 15,516 photos on Flickr. I was trying to use DOpus to download my content because on Feb 5, 2019, Flickr switched from 1TB free storage to 1000 photos.
I don't know how many photosets I have, maybe hundreds.
I am unable to scroll the "Photo sets:" window, or to check or uncheck any, or all, photo sets.
I bought a one month premium Flickr account so I'd have more time to solve this problem.

Turn on the Only update checked Photo sets option if you want to be able to select individual sets.

Jon, thank you for your response. I followed your instructions and selected three of my 500+ photosets. The synchronization worked.