Folder context menu issue when file is copied to clipboard

I have a problem with folder context menu disappearing on folder tabs, file display border and breadcrumbs location field when I copy a file to the clipboard. It concerns at least Directory Opus on Windows 7 64-bits.
That's the same issue I posted at the middle of this thread but I finally found the way to recreate it.
Just look at the video
It seems the problem is happening when I copy a file or a folder in the clipboard (and not only an image as it is described in the video)

I really hope it is not a very specific issue to my computers (desktop and laptop) and you will be able to recreate the problem.

Please try as I think I know what that issue was, and it was fixed in the beta versions.

Wow, this issue annoyed me during months, it works now with the latest beta! :smiley: