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Folder Format Changes And Inheritance



I really like the idea of folder formats which I've now fully adopted and applied to many folders together with file type groups.

Maybe I've missed one point, though. I've defined a favorite folder format. I've applied this format to e.g. the content type music which perfectly works of course.

Now, when changing my fav folder format in any way, those changes are not reflected to the music content type. I've to manually re-apply my format again.

Is there any setting that does this job automatically? Which means in case of modifying a fav format, those changes are automatically applied to any inherited other formats, too?



Favorite formats are like presets or bookmarks. You can apply them when in a folder, or copy them over other formats, but no link to the Favorite is maintained and no inheritance happens.

If you want inheritance, you would normally use the Default formats and User Default format, possible having other, more specific formats which add to them but are set to inherit columns from other less specific formats.

Or, if you want a custom format to be used for multiple folders, you would normally define a wildcard path format which matches all those folders, so there's still only one format definition.

Or, if you just want to change how all folders are displayed at once, see Folder Formats: Quick Guide.