Folder Format Collections in Tab Groups


I know how to modify the format of each tab in a tab group individually which would override the global folder format in preferences. I do not use any format lock at all.

One of my tabs shows a file collection. I did not apply any custom format to this tab in the tab group definition.

When loading the tab group, the tab with the file collection does not use the global folder format, I've set up in preferences. Right after loading the tab group, the pad lock hint for this tab shows:
pad lock1

When manually applying the folder format for collections, I see the expected result in the lister. The pad lock hint now shows:
pad lock2

OTH, when choosing any of the file collections from tree folder, the appropriate folder format Collections is used. So basically the format detection works. The pad lock hint in this case:
pad lock3

Now I'm confused a little bit. Obviously the folder format detection works as expected, but not for tab groups members.

So did I miss the obvious?

I think Tab Groups always have a format for each tab which is technically the used format, but if every panel in the format is turned off then it should still fall through to one of the other global formats to get the settings for each panel.

The padlock tooltip may not be useful in this particular case, as a result.

Can you give more detail about how you want the default Collections format to look vs what's happening when you load the group?

This is true in my case. Each of those tabs is set to default, or not touched at all. I even used the feature to reset each tab to default or anything else the button offers and restarted and reloaded the tab group again.

So when loading my tab group, it looks like this:
actual look

After applying the global folder format it looks like this:
global look

Of course I could apply the global folder format to the tab group either, however, I've to re-apply again when modifying the global format.

Those are the first two format tabs from the tab group in question:



Any further hints and tips available that I could check why falling back to the (default) folder format "Collections" does not work?

The folder format for Collections is (e.g. 2nd tab of settings):

As you can see from the image above, the lister items should be grouped by filename, but in the result below, this is not the case:

and the folder format is not the expected one: "Collections" or may be default.

This basically leaves the question: what to set up to make a tab group's collection to use the default format format for collections?

BTW, I see this issue in all my collections that are part of various tab groups. So this is not specific to the example above.


Interestingly enough, when starting DO from ground off, e.g. right after booting into Windows, the folder format of those collections is correct.

So it might be an issue solely related to loading tab groups?

I wonder if this is related to your other thread ( Opening tab group, opens a tab that is not part of the group ) since something odd involving collections seems to be happening after loading tab groups in general.

Maybe - don't know for sure, but this issue described here is still happening and I do not know how to get around it.

Still after loading a tab group any collection that is part of the group's setup, opens not in the defined folder format (from preferences and not from the tab group setup).

I've to manually select menu item "Reset to Folder's Format" from the lister's padlock context menu on bottom or as a second option, the appropriate folder format "Collection" that is also available from this context menu.

Would it be of any help to send you a short video via PM that shows what's actually happening?

@Leo did you find already some time and had a look at the video I've sent you?

Some more testing revealed:

The collection folder format is not applied when the collection is part of a tab group. No matter at which tab position a collection is used.

However, when manually selecting the very same collection by hand (from the folder tree), the correct folder format for collections is used.

Afterwards, I'ved added a new tab to the tab group, pointing to a local path B:\ that has a different folder format. E.g. a column that shows file descriptions for Macrium backup files. When selecting this path manually, the correct folder format is applied.

Next step, using this local path B:\ inside a tab group, the folder format again is not used. The tooltip of the padlock gives the information that the format of the tab group is used. The tab does not have any format set up, though.

Are folder formats not used within tab group members? I guess they should be used, but my experience now shows that this is not the case.


Ok, since this is obviously not solvable, I manually applied the folder format for collections to each of the applicable tabs in my tab groups.

I certainly prefer an automatic process as already done when manually selecting a collection, but if this is the way to go, I will have to live with it.


So I studied and followed all available folder format FAQ postings here to no avail. Is this issue really unsolvable?

We haven't had a chance to look in detail, sorry.

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Some more investigation on this topic: As already mentioned, explicitly setting the format of tabs works pretty well. Automatic determination of folder formats does not.

Whats more: I now noticed that none of the other non-collection tabs does not use the appropriate folder format, either.
That said, I've set up a folder format for c:\temp which is one of the locations of a tab in a tab group.
No matter how often I restart DO and re-loading the tab group, the folder format for c:\temp is not applied. The padlock tells me that the format comes from "Tab #3 in Tab Group <name of that group". I expected to read "Default Format + Format for path "c:\temp". I get this information when navigating to this folder manually. So basically this is working but not within tab groups.

I restored to version 12.14 of DO and hoped to see any difference, to now avail either. It seems to me that the automatic detection of format within a tab group is broken. Don't know exactly when it started to do so.

Hi Leo,

it's been a while since your and my last posting here in this thread. Any chance you or your colleagues could have a look at this issue?

Thank you,

I don't surrender right now.

I just did a fresh DO install, latest beta, in a VM and created a new tab group with a collection inside. Fortunately, I noticed the same behavior with this fresh install: when selecting the tab group: the default collection folder format gets not applied.

The padlock tooltip again tells me that the current folder format comes from the tab #1 from the newly created tab group...

We've been able to confirm this. It's not so much of a bug as a design flaw. Basically, Folder Formats settings are ignored completely when opening tab groups. It's nothing specific for collections - any path would have the same problem.

We'll change this in the next update so that Folder Formats are considered when opening tab groups.


I knew you would find this annoying issue some day :laughing: and yes, it happens with all folder formats as I've already mentioned above!

Thanks for your support!

Hi Jon,

I would super appreciate it if this change was implemented. I'm a new Opus user, and I'm using Tab Groups via Styles a lot in my set up, but I was really confused as to why the Folder Formats were constantly being overridden despite having set up specific Path Formats.

I am loving a lot about Directory Opus so far (still in the trial at the moment), but if Tab Groups were to get a setting where I could decide if it should follow established Folder Formats (or alternatively use custom formats for that Tab Group) it would be perfect.

Cheers for reading

This was changed in 12.19.6, over a year ago.

Hmm.. well now I'm even more confused.. maybe what I'm experiencing is a bug after all?

Here's what's happening for me:
I have a Style which loads in a specific tab group. Inside that tab group is a folder (e.g. "Birthday cakes"). I have already set this folder's format as a Path Format in the Preferences.. but when I load the Style (and the Birthday cakes tab along with it) the padlock hover says the "Birthday cakes" folder's format comes from the "Tab Group". I've also tried going into the Tab Groups preferences to manually uncheck any formatting that might be overriding the Birthday cakes tab, but no change.

If I go out of the Birthday cakes folder (e.g. to its parent) and go back into it manually, it will load the correct format (and says the format now comes from the "Path format", which is what I want).

I don't understand why the Style would be loading the Tab Group with its own formats. Am I missing something? Also, while testing this out some more it now says the folder's format comes from a newly created hidden "#styletabs.TabGroup" Tab Group :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?