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Folder Format of Sub-Collections



I wonder if I could inherit the folder format from the parent collection to its sub-collections?

Someone suggested to use a path format elsewhere, however, to my knowledge, this won't work with collections.

So is there a chance to set up this folder format inheritance within collections, too?



Maybe I've found the solution already from article:, especially from this image


However, I wonder why this additional option, as depicted in this image
is not generally available when editing the folder format directly from preferences->folder format.

First I do not see this option at all when modifying my already customized favorite format

and second when editing the path format for my collection, this option is greyed out.



That checkbox being disabled in Preferences for collections is a UI bug/oversight. We'll get that fixed.

(Favorite formats don't have the checkbox as it doesn't apply to them; it's only for formats that other things can inherit from.)

You can turn it on in another way, by going to the collection, then opening Folder > Folder Options, clicking Save and selecting the option to save for sub-folders.

(Another alternative that should work is a wildcard path format, but that's more work to set up.)


Thanks for this reply, Leo!