Folder Formats - Copy & Paste, Modifying

I just tried to copy and paste an existing path format:

a) I cannot modify the path of an existing path format, e.g. from "Z:" to "G:"
Guess this is a feature right now, but, would it be possible to change this limitation in a future release?

b) After copying an existing folder format "Z:" and pasting it into path format again, I noticed I can only paste it using the header lines of each format. I cannot paste it at the current location. Is this an intended behaviour?

c) After copying an existing path format, inside the new inserted format, the various pages are unchecked but the source had them checked. Is this by intention or did I made sthg. wrong? I had to do some additional step to get a full copy of the source by comparing both formats side-by-side.


a) Adding a new Path Format and using copy & paste (via the right-click menu) is the only way to effectively change the path of a format via the UI. If you're doing it with a lot of formats, you could edit the config file directly to save time.

b) You can't paste into a new format, if that's what you mean. Only over an existing format.

c) If you copy & paste in Preferences, from one item under Path Formats to another, it seems to copy the state of the page checkboxes as well, at least from a quick test. (If not, which pages is it not preserving for you?)

Hi Leo,

a) OK, I understand, it's not a big deal but it would be a bit more convenient if I could change the basis for any of the existing folder formats...

b) I did no intended to switch from one format to another, but copy from a path format and insert a new path format again.

c) I guess you tested slightly different than me:

  1. I selected an existing path format and clicked "Copy" from the context menu. I then focused the section header "Path Formats" and used context menu "Paste".
    DO asked me to select a new folder and created a new path format afterwards.
    Now, looking at the settings of the new format, I see none of them have been copied from the source.

After re-reading your answer, I performed some different steps to test.
2) I selected an existing path format and used "Copy" from the context menu.
I then manually created a new path format, focused this item now as opposed to the section header from 1) and clicked "Paste" from the context menu.
After checking the settings of this new format I noticed, that I got an exact copy from the source item.

I don't know if my taken steps from 1) are an alternate way to copy&paste, but ignores all settings by intention or if this is a "bug"?
I would suggest to either remove the context menu item "Paste" from the context menu of the section header because it confuses the user since this action is not a true copy&paste or process a true copy&paste.


I see what you mean now. I didn't know you could do that. :slight_smile:

That's been fixed. The fix is simple so we may put it into 12.18, but if not it'll be in 12.18.1.

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LOL, you never stop learning in your life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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