Folder options - saving sort by date modified

I'm new to OPUS 10 - can you tell me how I save "sort by date modified" for all folders as a default. It appears OPUS 10 default is sort by name and I would like to change the sorting to date modified.

The Folder Formats: Quick Guide should have all you need, in a step-by-step form.

(The more detailed guide it links to may also be worth reading, but only if you want to dig deeper. The Quick Guide just tells you how to change the defaults for all folders.)

I'm been on Dopus v12.3 for awhile and now gone back to v11 - the save current format dose not work anymore?

The linked guide should have everything you need for Opus 11.

linked guide where?

okay thanks now back to v11.19 - v12.4 has to many bugs and wish I did not pay for update. Anyway thanks again and I've turned check updates off!

There are no known bugs in this area of 12.x, and hundreds of people are saving their folder formats in 12.x without any problem reports or complaints.

If you want help with a specific problem, please give details of it and we will try to explain it, or investigate it if it looks like it is a bug. So far there are no details here for us to go on.