Folder Options, tab=Options, gives a fixed list of background images

Hi folks, thx for making Opus such an awesome product.

I spend my day working in several similar GIT Repo folder-families,
and it's important that I don't make changes to the wrong one.

Would it be possible to be able to set a specific on-file-system background
image, for a folder and all of its children
e.g. x:\images\Project1_backgound.gif
that would provide a visual reference when the lister is visible.

For when it's on a different tab than the one currently displayed,
would it be possible to set a tab display format
on the strong textwhole tabstrong text,
not just it's edge, as per current tab-colour implementation,
of selectably, one or other of -
i) tab colour
ii) tab image

This would give complete clarity to what one is doing,
and when responding to support calls at 3am,
frankly, I'll take all the help I can get.

b.2) if this could propagate to the tablist commands, wonderful !

b.3) if tablist folders could have a little "x" button, so that
similar tabs could be easily culled (i.e. closed),
that would also be super-helpful !


  • a) You can add images under Preferences / Display / Images.
    May also be useful: HOW TO: Understand and Configure Background Images

  • b.1) The tab color will only be an accent along the bottom or edge, but you can change the background color of the file display itself for different folders, if you wish. Folder Formats can do that.

  • b.3) Scripts may be able to do what you want. What do you mean by "tablist folders" and "similar" tabs?