Folder Path Format interaction with Folder View

I have a folder containing image files..

Under normal circumstances, content type Images would force the files to be shown as thumbnails but in this case a wildcard format intervenes..

However, as highlighted, no View is specified. Under these circumstances (no specified View), how does Opus decide what view to use? I'm guessing that Opus picks up whatever is specified in Custom under Default Formats. In my case, this is Details.

A related observation is that a defined path format, such as this one, appears to be applied AFTER an internal command is executed. Starting with the folder as shown in the first screen grab above, I execute the command..

go current new=nodual,notree view=thumbnails

I would expect view=thumbnails to override the path format view, but it doesn't. :frowning: The folder opens in a new lister in Details mode.

Regards, AB

Hover the mouse over the format lock on the status bar (don't click, just hover) and it will tell you which format(s) are involved.

Yes, I should have remembered that. The answer confirms my guess..

The Folder Formats FAQ description of what to expect reads, in part..

In general, when Opus has to choose how to display a folder it will work through the format list to find the most specific format that applies to the folder. For example, if you navigate to C:\Users\JoeBloggs, Opus will:

[ul][li]See if a format exists for C:\Users\JoeBloggs itself. If not...[/li][li]See if a format exists for any of the parent paths (C:\Users and C:\ in this case) that is set to apply to child paths. If not...[/li][li]See if a Content Type format applies (e.g. if the folder has lots of images, the Images format might be chosen). If not...[/li][li]Use the Local Drives format, if it is enabled (since the directory in question is on a local drive). If not...[/li][li]Use the Custom format. This is always the fallback if no other format applies.[/li][/ul]
The implication of the first item in the preceding list is that if a specific path format exists it will apply, but evidently what happens is that a combination of specific and default is applied. In this case, I would have expected the "Default" to be Content Type Images as per the following example from your FAQ, and the order to be Specific + Default, not Default + Specific.

Regards, AB

I have a feeling that only the list of columns gets a "full" inheritance, of all the different formats which may match a folder, while the others get a combination of the first matching format (the wildcard one in your example) and, if that first format doesn't specify things, the appropriate default format.

I'd have to dig through the code to be completely sure, though. I suspect it's one of those things that would be slightly wrong in one situation or another whichever way around it worked, too.

All of that aside, the go current new=nodual,notree view=thumbnails thing you mentioned was a bug, and I've put a fix for that in